Supporting Safer Systems of Work


World-class Calibration Services Partner and Water Services Safety Technology Innovators.

Reliable, dependable and experienced team; growing rapidly and servicing high-risk, high-value segments.

Renowned for our high-integrity approach, and for going to great lengths for each customer.

Trusted Partners advancing our client’s safety, compliance, reliability, efficiency and value.

Attracting great talent, with the right mindset and capabilities for Cal Pacific’s available roles remains a critical success factor in us achieving our vision, company growth, moreover the primary goal to support our client's  safety and compliance.

We are looking for all types of people.

Motivated individuals, either new to industry or  seasoned, highly-experienced technicians and support staff.

Talented candidates who are Australian citizens or Perm Residents. 

Despite our diverse backgrounds, our team has all following traits in common.

  • Team players with a strong work and safety ethic.
  • Keen to Innovate and take on new processes and ideas, and yet still be focused on what’s most important.
  • Enjoy being developed and guided by some of the best in the business. industry experts with decades of experience, across multiple number of industries.
  • Understand the rigour required every single day working within a Quality System.

Cal Pacific team are relatively flexible around the hours; there’s nothing boring 9-to-5 here.

Highly-enjoyable work environment here, where our team like a laugh, also with a serious sense of commitment to clients, at the same time.

core values


Central to everything we do, and everything we stand for.


End-of-the-Line Safety Innovation into practice. Predictive, Compliant, Sustainable and Safer.


New day, and the chance to improve on what we do.


Permeates through our People, Values, Products and Outcomes


Our Clients and Team Come First.


Proud partners for over ten years, Cal Pacific stocks, sells and calibrates all types of gas safety products from these reputable businesses: