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Extensive range of fixed, personal and portable multi-gas detectors to hire for your business.

Cal Pacific

Fixed Gas Detectors

Trusted Brands Amcontrol, MSA and Honeywell
Portable Gas Detectors

Portable Gas Detectors

Insert Brand Names only here
Gas Analyzers Cal Pacific

Gas Analysers

Trolex TX6383, MSA Altair 5X, MSA Altair 4X

Simple to use, one-button operation on most models and all backed up with Cal Pacific’s decades of experience of calibrating and maintaining gas sensors and fulfilling gas detector calibration requirements.

Buy gas monitoring equipment in order to ensure your workplace and household safety

Working with carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, gas alarms, sensors, monitors, meters, control panels and more.

Protecting against the widest array of gas and industrial hazards with the most reliable products, trusted to work in the harshest environments. Every Sensor, Detector is fully serviced and calibrated by Cal Pacific’s trained technicians, and comes to you packaged in a protective case.