BW Solo


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BW Solo – Cl2 Standard 0-50ppm BWS-C-Y, BW Solo – ClO2 Standard 0-1000ppm BWS-V-Y, BW Solo – CO – H2 resistant 0-2000ppm BWS-M2-Y, BW Solo – CO Standard 0-2000ppm BWS-ML-Y, BW Solo – ETO Standard 0-100ppm BWS-E-Y, BW Solo – H2S (Ext Rge) Standard 0-500ppm BWS-H2-Y, BW Solo – H2S Standard 0-200ppm BWS-HL-Y, BW Solo – HCN Standard 0-100ppm BWS-Z-Y, BW Solo – Hydrogen H2 Standard 0-100ppm BWS-R-Y, BW Solo – NH3 (ext. Rng) Standard 0-1000ppm BWS-A2-Y, BW Solo – NH3 Standard 0-100 pm (BWS-A-Y), BW Solo – NO Standard 0-250ppm BWS-N-Y, BW Solo – Ozone O3 Standard 0-1ppm BWS-G-Y, BW Solo – PH3 Standard 0-5ppm BWS-P-Y, BW Solo – SO2 Standard 0-100ppm BWS-S-Y, BW Solo NO2 Standard 0-100ppm BWS-D-Y, BW Solo O2 Standard 0-30% BWS-XL-Y


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