IntelliDoX Calibration System and Accessories


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IntelliDoX – Assortment of screws, IntelliDoX – Bag of 10 O-Rings, IntelliDoX AC power supply, AU version, IntelliDoX docking station for BW Clip, IntelliDoX docking station for BW Clip4, IntelliDoX docking station for BW Solo, IntelliDoX docking station for BW Ultra, IntelliDoX docking station for GasAlertMicroClip, IntelliDoX Enabler Kit, AU Version, IntelliDoX filters and hoses kit, IntelliDoX Multi-Inlet Key, IntelliDoX Nest for BW Clip, IntelliDoX nest for BW Clip4, IntelliDoX Nest for BW Solo, IntelliDoX nest for BW Ultra, IntelliDoX Nest for GasAlertMicroClip, IntelliDoX retractable stand/wall mount (kit of 5), IntelliDoX Single-Inlet Key, IntelliDoX universal inlet cover (kit of 5), IntelliDoX universal latch arm (kit of 5), Replacement inlet filter (kit of 5)


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